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Sunday, 11 March 2018

ZS6COG Fablab reaches out!

ZS6COG FABLAB lends a helping hand.

Chris Gryffenberg 

 On Fruday 9 March 2018, ZS6COG FABLAB lent a helping hand and spread its wings quite far.

 Louis Magwaza and matric pupils from Mphalani Technical High School of Middelburg travelled three hours to come and complete practical simulations at the Electrical technology Workshop. ZS6COG Fablab is situated on site at H/S John Vorster in Nigel also affectionally known as Vossieland (Meaning - Foxy Country: a hip place to be!)

 Some of the local Fablabbers in Grade 12  shown the visitors how to test an electrical motor. In the picture Dian van den Berg and Francois Reyneke (AKA Potato) is conducting a motor test with the visitors.
 Adriaan McClintock (Left, AKA Grandpa) and Andrè Russel-Brett is demonstrating the correct use of the multimeter to Thabo and Simphiwe on the right.
 Here you can see Sandile and Mpho receiving guidance from Dian(Right) on the correct procedure for testing.

Chris Gryffenberg (Mr. Gryffies) is tasked with curriculum delivery in Electrical Technology at Vossieland , and he implements skills training and builds training equipment  for workshops all over South Africa.

The learners of Mphalani worked with matriculants from H/S John Vorster to complete practical simulations. ZS6COG Fablab, being situated at H/S John Vorster, ensures that the school has access to one of the best equipped workshops of its kind in the whole of South Africa. The technology readily available here is not found in other school workshops over South Africa.

Equipment used inslcudes 3D Printers, CNC mashines, 3D scanner, tes benches instruments and more. The LAB is contacted on a weekly basis by teachers seeking assistance and guidance in curriculum delivery in electrical and electronics.

Your school could also benefit and share in the vibrant energy of ZS6COG FABLAB. Contact me on 083 543 5668 or mail me on

73 until next time

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Young Electricians at ZS6COG Fablab

These young students from H/S John Vorster are upskilling themselves in the art and skill of domestic wiring.

 Young MJ fitting a new DIN RAIL into the adapted distribution board.

 Students have to install a working distribution board and subcircuits onto a wooden board to illustrate hand skills and a thorough understanding of DB wiring.

 Phillip is ahead of the pack and almost ready to conduct a continuity and isolation resitance test on his installation.

 Tiaan over here is working on his geyser and stove sub circuit. It is important to note that students huse the correct wire size and thickness gauge as they would in the real world. NO SHORTCUTS here!
 Eben is testing the thickness on the wire guage to ensure he uses the correct thickness in his board.

 Brandon and Gerhard as discussing the next step on BRnadon's board - Installing the DIN rails and Circuit Breakers.
PJ is working on his pipe work and placement of the different components of the wiring board. Each student works at his own tempo and sufficient opportunity is given to individuals to work at their own pace and skills level.

Want to know more?

Perhaps enroll in a short skills course?

Contact Chris Gryffenberg at 083 543 5668 or mail to zs6cog(at)

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Senior Phase Mathematics - Train the Trainer Workshop 4 Feb 2017

BNT Masinga Skills Training Centre was fortunate enough to be commissioned by Sci Bono Discovery Centre to design, prepare and present a Train the Trainer Workshop on Multiplication.

The focus on the workshop was on the Senior Phase mathematics in Grade 4, 6 and 6.

Registration started at 08:00
Shown here is George Nkogatse, our host from Sci Bono welcoming members  to the workshop.

Some attendees were at the workshop way before eight o'clock, which is indicative if the positivity we experienced in the workshop
It is important to be prepared. Luckily BNT Masinga is blessed with state of the art equipment and we give out all when we present.
Some facilitators chatting and networking during breaktime.

BNT Masinga Skills Training Centre conceptualises, develops and implements adult and learner based skills training as per you requirement.

e-mail training(at) today to get a hold of our price list which is displayed elsewhere in this BLOG.

Cheers until next time.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

ZS6COG Hits Durban

CAPS for THS Skills Training in Durbs

From 5-9 October I had the privilege to go to Durban.

My hosts were George Campbell THS and Deputy Principal Noel Ingle did all the hard work to get met there. Thanks Noel!

In the picture above you can see my co-presenter Yashic Rohith hitting the ground running with Occupational Health and Safety. Good Stuff Yashic

During this week teachers learned skills on how to make PCB's and Radio Antennas. We also did a bit of 3D Printing and PCB Design.

The 3D Printers I used was the VERTEX 8400 and the Makerbot Replicator 2X.

EAGLE was used to design the Circuit Diagrams and  PCB layouts.

The view from the hotel room was awesome.

To book your skills development sensation contact me on zs6cog(at) 

I travel all over to come and improve practical teaching skills for technical teachers.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Secequip Assessments 12 September 2015

Secequip Assessments Continue:

On 12 September 2015 the SECEQUIP / GDE skills training proigramme continued with the assessment of the second of four groups to be assessed in this year.

In this group there are quite a number of girls are being assessed. This is great as there are very few female alarm installers in the field. 

With a female's finer affinity for the aesthetic, girls are excellently positioned to do alarm installations, especially in the domestic and corporate environment where attention to detail and aesthetics play a large roll in customer satisfaction.

The alarm industry in South Africa is a booming industry as a result of socio economic challenges experienced by members of society and insurance companies alike. This make the training of alarm installation technicians all the more important.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Secequip Skills Assessments - 4 September 2015

Secequip Skills Assessments - 4 September 2015

See the pics below of the skills programme of Secequip and GDE as it went down to the wire this past Saturday.
An adult learner doing the skills assessment at Primrose High School

We have MANY girls doing alarm installation skills in this program

Seen here is Alfie Schlebusch of Secequip (left) and Dolf Willemse of Primrose HS engaging a girl learner during the skills assessment.

Dolf assessing one of the students. Clearly a difficult question was being asked!

The skills level of the learners were on panel wiring, programming and fault finding.

One of the learners busy with panel wiring during the assessments.

Learners are not allowed to converse during assessments. Skills are demonstrated as individuals.

With a required pass rate of 80% this skills assessment is NOT EASY.

For more info on the Secequip Project contact me Chris Gryffenberg on 083 543 5668 to start a skills programme in your technical school!

Secequip and GDE: ELTT  are skills partners in this SECEQUIP Skills Development Programme

Monday, 4 May 2015

3D Printing - The new FAD......

ZS6COG Goes 3D

My son and I built a 3D Printer from Vertex.

VY Cool!!

Check out some of the PICS below.

I bought the kit from FG Electronics in Pretoria.

The build took 4 days  - mostly in the evenings and we had a space dedicated for the build so we did not have to pack up every day. It is VY Cool.!!